I am Eyass Alkadi, Saudi, born and raised in Riyadh, 1991

Professional Experience:
- Ways Marketing - Creative Team (Aug 2020 - ...) as Senior Graphic Designer.
I am part of the creative team recently established by Ways.
- (2 years) at Shift - Creative Agency (Oct 2018-Oct 2020) as Senior Graphic Designer.
Witnessing the creative process from receiving the brief to executing the design, gave me a good grasp on the creative process.
- (4 months) at HMG- Dr Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group (Jun - Oct 2018) - as a Graphic Designer / Photographer.
As a Graphic Designer in the Marketing Department, Mainly designing social media posts and printed brochures, among other responsibilities like photography and logistics.
- (1 year) at MUSAB FUAD - Photography Studio (2013-2014) - as a Photographer / Videographer / Designer / Video Editor.
I learned a lot at my first job, from working among a team, to working many jobs at the same time.

Design :
- Typeface design.
- Typography/Calligraphy.
- Astrophotography.
- Pursuing the meaning of Design.
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